22-Sep-2018Rogers, AR+10 milesDogs for Sale
In the 25-minute photo shoot, this 6-month-old pup never once lost her concentration or focus, keeping it continually on the photographer. Pippin remained close to her human, both mentally and physically, moving away only in form as she learned to ch...
Chino is around 1 yr old and a friendly boy. He is a little shy at 1st, especially with all the other dogs barking like something is happening. But, give him a few treats and just talk to him and it renews him that he's ok. Chino will be a good walker for those who like to walk a lot. Chino is available for adoption now.
22-Sep-2018Rogers, AR+10 milesDogs for Sale
Although she is only 9-months-old, Rachel has already developed an amazingly gentle and compassionate persona, instantly sensed by everyone she meets. Her peaceful nature shines through her soft, brown eyes and knowing smiles as she performs a comfor...
Ace is around five months old and such a precious boy! He looks just like 1 of my dogs and he is most all labrador...just has a throw back in his breeding to a mixed breed about five generations back so someone couldn't pass him off as a full breed labrador. If he is anything like mine, he will be a totally adorable and gentle soul who loves unconditionally. Ace is available for adoption now!
Mink was running around for a while, but did get hungry enough to make friends. With TLC and food this boy will be humble and grateful for being in a loving home. Mink is a little shy at 1st, but does warm up with treats. Mink is available for adoption now.
Banjo is about 2yrs old and is very food oriented. He can likely learn lots with treats as a reward. This boy weighted about 60 lbs when he came in, so he is big enough to play and just chill, whatever you want to do! Banjo is available for adoption now.
Night is around 6 mnths old and such a adorable girl. She's full of energy...just like a terrier. She is rather small and only weight 25 pounds when she came in. So while she will not be big, she isn't so small you will step on her. She would be nice as a "flyball" type of dog...or just a fun hiking partner. Night is available for adoption now.
Buzz was caught out in the rain and came to us to be dry and warm. He is a very wonderful 2yr old boy. He is a tall guy as well, so there may be Dane or something in his background. Buzz is available for adoption now.
Midnight is a very friendly, wonderful girl who is around 1yr old. She is looking for a forever home and does well with older kids. She is full of energy and would have to be taught how to act around toddlers. Midnight is available for adoption now.
18-Aug-2018Rogers, AR+10 milesDogs for Sale
2-year-old Legend enjoyed his photo session in the bark park, providing an action pose with his big, heart-felt grin beaming on his face as he "put his best foot forward" showing off his Good Dane strut. He is a friendly, quiet canine who walks easi...
Hello, my wife and I recently had our 1st child. As is common with a lot of dogs, Jackson has shown some aggression towards my son. He has never bitten or snapped at him but he has growled. I immediately contacted a local pet trainer and Jackson will begin lessons ASAP. However, my wife has decided that she will never trust the dog and insists that we re-home him. If you decide to adopt him kno...
11-Aug-2018Rogers, AR+10 milesDogs for Sale
If a high fashion magazine was ever in the hunt for a canine to grace their cover, two year-old Vogue would be the perfect choice. She is everything you could ever want in a Labrador: quiet, respectful, courteous, intelligent, kind natured, polite to all an...
22-Jul-2018Rogers, AR+10 milesDogs for Sale
When Atlas arrived at the Humane Society he was in pretty tough shape and definitely in need of lots of food and loving care. He would look up at you with eyes that were hesitant and uncertain. The HS volunteers quickly provided him with nourishment,...
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9-Aug-2018Centerton, AR+16 milesDogs for Sale
Introducing... LUNA!! Exquisite girl!!! LUNA is a Black Labrador mixture, and as you can see, she is young & lovely. LUNA is big on playing, and enjoys a game of fetch, now & then. Hurry down to the Shelter today!
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